Caution: This blog contains graphic images such as, but not limited to, animal blood, gore, visible muscles and organs, and dismemberment. All of the dead animals I work with are found in nature and ethically obtained. I have not and will not kill any animals for my collection, nor do I sponsor the killing of animals for the purposes of collecting. Enjoy!


My name is Rachel. 23. bone collector, nature lover, and student from Virginia.

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I found a wild pussywillow tree and only a few feet away I found a cat skeleton :c


Lifebender’s Curio is open for bone carving commissions!

Unfortunately, I have found myself in a sticky financial situation and I am hoping to supplement my current income by using my days off to carve!

I craft custom, unique pieces of jewelry and other small trinkets out of bone.  Pricing for most pieces varies depending on the time involved to create each piece.  The only exception is for plain bone rings which are $20 a piece.

If you are interested in having me craft something for you or if you have questions, please feel free to either contact me here on tumblr or via my email,