Caution: This blog contains graphic images such as, but not limited to, animal blood, gore, visible muscles and organs, and dismemberment. All of the dead animals I work with are found in nature and ethically obtained. I have not and will not kill any animals for my collection, nor do I sponsor the killing of animals for the purposes of collecting. Enjoy!


My name is Rachel. 24. bone collector, nature lover, and student from Virginia.

Wish to contact me? Email me at littlelifebender(at)


@betweenunseen said: what percentage wolf is he?

On paper, Jude is “35% wolf”, but a more correct means of describing his wolfiness is in terms of content. There are different tiers of content for wolfdogs, and they go as follows:

Low/no: These are animals which *may* have some…

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i overheard someone at school today saying basically (translated) "I won't do things when I feel like shit that make me feel more like shit, only to get a letter on a paper. I think it's more important to feel good."

Thank you, Grayface. It doesn’t help that all my grades will probably end up suffering this semester but that is a good thing to keep in mind. Taking care of myself needs to be first priority, especially now.

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having also been through emotional abuse and because of that suck at sharing feelings and emotions and being stuck in a depression ruining life and school ... i just want to say that you're not alone. you can get through this. we can get through this. if you need to take a break for a year, then do that. don't give up. many hugs <3

I’m on my 7th year trying to get my bachelors degree and I still have at least 4 semesters left after I complete this current semester. My depression has been the primary contributor to my difficulties finishing school and it’s just getting to that point where I feel like I’ll never be able to get through it. I have been trying so hard for so long to keep pressing on in my studies but it’s becoming overwhelming again with everything that has happened recently.

In a way I don’t feel like I have a choice and that I have to finish my degree if only to validate the struggling I’ve had to do over the years but I’m wondering when the time and money lost is going to outweigh the benefits of ever graduating.