Caution: This blog contains graphic images such as, but not limited to, animal blood, gore, visible muscles and organs, and dismemberment. All of the dead animals I work with are found in nature and ethically obtained. I have not and will not kill any animals for my collection, nor do I sponsor the killing of animals for the purposes of collecting. Enjoy!


My name is Rachel. 24. bone collector, nature lover, and student from Virginia.

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So I got this book from my boyfriend’s mom (she was a biochem major) and holy crap I 100000% recommend getting a copy because it is glorious. Amazing in depth picture references of human anatomy great for science and art and just oh my gosh I could spend days looking through this.

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    I just reblogged heaven. You’re welcome.
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    may i have this one please? :)
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    Oh wow this is an older edition too - look at the quality of the cover, the paper. They don’t print them like this now,...
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  8. watserbones said: My mom is a nurse and has this same book! I heart it.
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