Caution: This blog contains graphic images such as, but not limited to, animal blood, gore, visible muscles and organs, and dismemberment. All of the dead animals I work with are found in nature and ethically obtained. I have not and will not kill any animals for my collection, nor do I sponsor the killing of animals for the purposes of collecting. Enjoy!


My name is Rachel. 24. bone collector, nature lover, and student from Virginia.

Wish to contact me? Email me at littlelifebender(at)


A coyote carved from a (llama or deer?) phalanx. Currently sitting in peroxide to whiten, then I’ll find the most balanced spot to drill a hole so that it may be threaded onto a necklace. Rough 75 minutes of work.

Interested in a hand carved piece of bone? Send inquiries to lifebenderscurio.


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